About Us


Welcome to the Mediterranean sun and the grand presentation of the Taurus Mountains...
Embrace the magnificent atmosphere of Konyaaltı and the majestic presence of the Taurus Mountains as you relax on our internationally blue-flagged beach.
Sealife Family Resort Hotel, a 5-star establishment, consists of 3 integrated blocks with an area of 7179 m2, offering 239 rooms and a capacity of 640 beds. It is located 4 km from the city center and 20 km from the airport.
Our goal is to provide Sealife hospitality and quality that everyone can recommend, leaving an unforgettable impression with unconditional guest satisfaction.


Property Name: SeaLife Family Resort Hotel
Property Type: 5 Star Hotel
Chain Type: Independent
Official Name: Kumsev Turizm Tic. Ltd Şti
Tax Administration: Kurumlar
Tax Number: 5920301880
Room Count: 240
Built In: 1995
Last Restoration Year: 2018
Phone: + 90 242 229 28 00
Fax Number: + 90 242 229 19 93
E-Mail: info@sealifehotels.com
Website: www.sealifehotel.com
Facebook: SealifeFamily
Instagram: sealife_family_resort